[Solved] cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password

cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password


The vSphere installation currently runs the server with ESXi version 7.0.3.

I logged in as a web client and I was using it well.


But suddenly, I couldn’t log in and the message came out as below.


The login could not be completed because the user name or password is invalid.

At first, I was very embarrassed because I couldn’t access the administrator when this text came out.


This is because the Brute force attack function was activated when administrator access was not possible.

In this case, a 300 second connection limit is automatically imposed after a specific number of failed login attempts.

It works out naturally over time, but there’s no way the hacking company will let it go.

Once the server is right next to you, you can just reboot it once…

If you cannot reboot from a remote location, you must make it possible to log in as an administrator with a private IP in advance.



Basically, the solution is a firewall, but…Try a private IP.

Use the internal (private) IP to restrict access to the administrator

Also, try using ACLs using security profiles.


I’d like to recommend the private IP side.

You can connect a router to access a private IP using an auxiliary PC.

Alternatively, you can set up a VPN and log in with your ID and make IP a private IP anywhere to access it